The Christchurch Arts Audience Development Group (CAAD) approached us to help them launch a new platform to connect events with the community.

Christchurch’s arts scene was more diverse and vibrant than ever, but with countless events struggling for attention, attendance was dwindling.

To solve this problem we started with the brand identity. With CAAD’s mission being to create an ecosystem of inclusion, support instead of competition, we wanted to create an identity that appeared fun, accessible and open to all.

A bold font characterised the logo, with disjointed text encouraging a gradual visual construction of the brand name as it’s read.

This tied in with an overarching brand theme of discovery - Christchurch had a wealth of arts experiences and opportunities waiting to be enjoyed, we were going to help people find them. This idea came to life with visual assets rich in colour and emotive, contextual imagery, showcasing people and groups immersed in arts experiences in states of enjoyment. We also elaborated on what exactly there was to discover, from art, to culture, to yourself. Through these, we told a story of endless novelty and the excitement of finding new passions and experiences. 

This culminated in a digital platform - a hub to help people find and manage their upcoming events. Bold imagery similarly took centre stage, with simple navigations and information categorising events and guiding the discovery process. This extended to social media, where we created a place to learn and share experiences. 

Today, Christchurch’s Arts Scene is better than ever - with an ever-increasing, eclectic line-up waiting to be discovered.

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