For close to a decade, we’ve been working with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, helping them to craft a contemporary brand persona and welcome a new generation of listeners into the world of classical music.  

From an initial rebrand and web design, to concerts, events and campaign work, we’ve established a proud collaborative partnership, producing work that has seen CSO able to share their love of music with the Christchurch community and grow their presence in the region.  

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This bold identity came to life online, with an updated website and activity hub for CSO to share events, updates and more. While this all looked nice, getting bums on seats was the metric for our branding success, so to complete their new digital presence we crafted a brand-new CRM for CSO to manage and grow their ticketing system and attendee database.

"We have had the privilege of working with Brave since their inception. They have always brought a powerful blend of creative and collaborative thinking to this relationship which has delivered results that often exceed our expectations. It is a pleasure to work with the Brave team and we are very proud to call them our Creative Agency."

Michelle Walsh, Marketing Manager of Christchurch Symphony Orchestra 


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